Educate Girls in Afghanistan

Educate Girls in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is the only country in the world that does not allow its young girls to attend school.

Even before the Taliban took control of the country, 3.7 million Afghan children were not attending school, most of whom were female. Since the takeover, a further 1.2 million girls have been denied access to an education.

Many of those who had promoted the rights for education for girls in Afghanistan prior to Taliban rule now face retribution and persecution at the hands of the authorities.

Our work in Afghanistan is, therefore, two-fold. We are actively seeking to educate girls in Afghanistan while also seeking to safeguard those who are at risk of being punished for advocating education for all.

How you can get involved

HRM believes in giving power to the volunteers and allows its volunteers to lead projects and fundraise so that their hearts and minds can be at ease knowing that the aid they have raised will get where it is needed. The charity and support is given to the right people, at the right time, every time.


You can volunteer at our charity shop in Leeds.


HRM also supports its volunteers and allows them to fundraise online via JustGiving.


Are you a university student? Do you want to lead a project in your university or local community?

If you have any ideas and wish to fundraise HRM will support you as best as we can. HRM will give you the opportunity to invest your time in the field of your choice in the areas where HRM works. There are always ways in which you can help, just contact us. 

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