Urgent Relief Needed - Afghanistan Earthquake

A devastating 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck western Afghanistan on Saturday morning, claiming the lives of over 2,500 people, with hundreds more missing. The situation is dire, and the survivors are in desperate need of assistance.

Human Relief Mission has a strong presence in Afghanistan and is actively monitoring the situation on the ground.

Human Relief Mission is committed to providing immediate aid and support to those affected by this heart-wrenching disaster. Your generous contribution to Human Relief Mission will provide essential aid to those affected, including:

  • 🍲 Food to stave off hunger
  • 💧 Clean Water for hydration
  • 🏠 Shelter to protect them from the elements
  • 💊 Medical Aid to treat injuries and illnesses

By supporting Human Relief Mission, you are ensuring that your donation reaches those who need it the most. They have a track record of efficient and effective relief efforts, and your contribution will go a long way in helping earthquake survivors rebuild their lives.

But our impact doesn’t stop there. By sharing this appeal with your friends and family, you can amplify our collective efforts and ensure that the people of Afghanistan receive the help they urgently require.

Together, with Human Relief Mission, we can provide hope and support to those facing unimaginable challenges in the aftermath of this earthquake.

Every single penny donated goes to benefit those in need.

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