What is the need?

According to the Asian Development Bank 47.3% of the population of Afghanistan live below the poverty line, that is approximately 18.5 million people are living in poverty and struggling to find food and clothing.

For this reason, HRM has been distributing food packages for the last decade to help alleviate the financial burden of poverty ridden Afghans and give them the opportunity to work towards their dreams without having to worry about starvation.

HRM’s food packages last an average sized family of 7 people for a month and the beneficiaries are chosen taking a strict criterion into consideration.

How much does it cost?

It costs HRM £40 for one food pack, and this consists of essential food rations that will last the beneficiaries around a month.

What do the food packages contain?

The food packs contain the following items: 

Kidney Beans
Tea (Loose)
Cooking Oil
Channah Daal

How will my donation get to the family in need?

The implementation of HRM’s Food Distribution Project is done in two stages. Surveying and Distribution. The surveying part involves a team going out to the location designated by the donor and looking for eligible beneficiaries. If an individual is eligible for zakat, they automatically become eligible for our food packages. Their financial status is verified by village elders and locals.

Once a list of beneficiaries has been selected it’s time for the distribution. To make the distribution safe and get it done in an orderly manner we tell the beneficiaries the location of the distribution and don’t carry it out in an overly public or crowded area to ensure that the help reaches those that are in need. Once the food package is handed over we make the beneficiaries either sign or stamp their finger print next to their name and national ID number that were compiled at the time of the survey. 

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