How does the free medical camp work?

Four decades of war in Afghanistan means that the healthcare system is left in ruins and mainly reserved for those privileged and wealthy, this has left those that are deprived and jobless without any healthcare. According to an article published by the Ministry of Health in 2018, nearly half the population doesn’t have access to healthcare. To combat this HRM gives free health checks and gives medication to those that can’t access or can’t afford access to healthcare through our Free Medical Campus. 

How much does it cost and how many does it help?

HRM’s Free Medical Camps cost £650, these are pop up camps that we take wherever there is a need for it. It allows us to do health checks for 400 – 600 beneficiaries depending on the seriousness of their health implication. We provide them with medication for their complications and advise on how to look after themselves.


To determine the location of the Free Medical Camp, the survey team conducts a survey to ensure that the community within that area meets our eligibility criteria.


Sometimes it is in response to a natural disaster or a scenario where there are mass casualties, in this case it is an immediate response and preservation of life becomes a priority.

Once the location is determined, the teams travel to the location with medics who can then start conducting health checks.

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