Trustee Statement

Human Relief Mission exists to provide practical and financial support to vulnerable people in Afghanistan by providing emergency aid and ongoing relief work.
We are a non-profit organisation with no political affiliation, but a fervent desire to ensure that the people of Afghanistan have clean water, food and access to basic services, regardless of those factors which are outside of their own control but have a devastating impact on their daily lives, and those of their families.
As trustees, we would like to place on record our thanks to all those who have donated money or volunteered their time to help us deliver vital aid and services to our beneficiaries. Our focus remains not only on providing aid in times of need, but on helping break the cycle of poverty that is so often ignored.
Our work, and the efforts of all those who contribute towards our efforts, should be a beacon of hope for all, demonstrating that small sacrifices can make a big difference, and that there is promise for future generations.
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