Emergency Relief Packages

What is the need for these packages?

According to an article published by UNHCR over 600,000 Afghans have been internally displaced and the number is rising day by day. For this reason, HRM has found it necessary to come up with this Emergency Relief Project. The objective of this project is to prevent IDPs from ending up homeless in the harsh climate of Afghanistan without any food, shelter or clothing. HRM provides these IDPs with temporary shelter to keep them protected from the burning summer sun and harsh winters. Alongside this IDPs are also provided with food, hygiene and essentials packages.

How do these packages help?

As an approximation one Emergency Relief Package provides for a family of 7. This costs £200. Out of this the shelter i.e. tent and the essentials packages are one off costs but the hygiene package and food package would have to be provided on a monthly basis depending on how long the camp runs for.

What does the package include?

The surveyance team will go out to conduct a survey to ensure that the beneficiaries meet our beneficiary criteria. When the team acquires a beneficiary list it will allocate a distribution location.

Upon receipt of funds, the team will procure the required items and pack the packages. The packages will be transported to the area of distribution and distributed.

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