What is the need for a Masjid?

The past four decades of war have left much of Afghanistan in ruins, in particular rural areas. This period of conflict has also affected mosques, leaving them heavily damaged and at times unsafe for worshippers to use. HRM has been building and renovating Masajid since 2017 and has managed, with the support of our donors, to build 20 Masajid so far.  


The name of the masjid can be specified by the donor.

How big is the Masjid and how much does it cost?

We have a standard 8.9 m x 14 m masjid that encloses a closed praying area, a veranda, a courtyard, and a wudu area, which will accommodate approximately 198 worshippers at full capacity if the veranda and open courtyard are used as well.  


It costs HRM £7000 for the construction of a mosque of this size.

When will it be completed?

Once the funds are received by HRM, the project will be initiated, supplies purchased, and a contractor and project manager assigned to the build.  


Generally, it takes around 6 months to build a mosque of this size, depending on the time of the year, as bad weather can slightly extend the time frame.

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