How is the situation?

Afghanistan is war torn and devastated from conflict for the past 4 decades. This has left many households and communities jobless and without any means to provide for themselves. This means that many kids as soon as they become of walking and speaking age have to feed and tend for themselves and assist their families as well. The outcome of this is kids deprived of their childhood.

How will HRM help?

HRM alongside its implementation partner AMWO came up with a program to help these needy families that are in financial difficulty and are to be forced into abandoning their childhood and their youth. HRM does this by paying a small amount of money monthly but with the set condition of the kids in that needy family attending school and getting an education.

How much does it cost?

It costs £60 to sponsor a needy family. This is paid as a lump sum every 3 months to the family to help with living costs. A donor needs to have at least a 12-month commitment to the needy family if not longer.

How does the family get the money?

The implementation of our Needy Family Sponsorship program is simple and straightforward. When the funds are made available for HRM, after checking the strict criteria and set of conditions that have been set are being met the funds will be paid to the needy family.

During the period of sponsorship the implementation team will be visiting the needy family on a regular  basis to give them their stipend and to ensure that they are okay and doing well generally and that the kids are attending school and performing well  academically.


HRM will be reviewing end of term performance cards provided by educational institutes the kids attend to make sure that the kids  get the best guidance and help HRM can provide. 

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