What is the need?

According to the Asian Development Bank in Afghanistan 47.3%of the population lives below the national poverty line in 2020. HRM’s Hot Meal Distribution Project is a project where we provide ready made hot meals to those less fortunate. This could be a stand in a bazaar where we hand out packed meals or it could be in a rehabilitation centre where we give readymade hot meals to recovering addicts. We also use this project for personal requests from donors who want to share the joys of their Marriage by sharing their Walimah or give thanks for the birth of their child by doing an Aqiqah and sharing it with those that struggle to earn enough money to provide for one meal a day and can be starving themselves for many days at a time.

How much does a hot meal cost?

It costs HRM £1/hot meal per person. The meals consist of rice, lamb curry, one piece of bread and a bottle of water. However, any hot meals distributed in Ramadan will also have dates as part of each meal.

Aqiqah costs £150 this includes cooked lamb and rice and depending on the size of lamb it can feed anywhere between 130 -170 beneficiaries.

How will my donations get to the needy?

We distribute our hot meals generally in three different areas that we believe are in need of these hot meals. They are under privileged Madrassah where they can’t afford to feed their students. Alongside this we distribute hot meals at internally displaced people’s camps. These are camps that are composed of people that have had to leave their homes, jobs and lives behind due to war. Finally the general public, we have previously distributed hot meals at hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

Once the area is agreed upon for the distribution the meals are prepared in bulk and transported to the site where it is distributed.

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